Ricks Family Reunion 2023   


The Legacy Never Ends”




Greetings Family, the Ricks Family Reunion Planning Committee is PROUD to host the 2023 bi-annual Ricks Family Reunion, in Alabama. The theme of this year’s reunion is – “The Legacy Never Ends” -celebrating our heritage and building our future! In 2018, we celebrated 50 years of coming together celebrating US and the love that we share! In 2020, we come together to LOVE and look ahead to new vines from STRONG roots! The committee has been working hard for you to bring you a memorable, fun filled weekend with rich history, fellowship, memories, and to enjoy the gift of family. We want to encourage the whole family, babies, children, teens, young adults, mature and spirited adults and our Elders to join us for this family affair. We are sending a special invite to our 20 and 30-something’s who haven’t been to a reunion since they were children and now have children  ~ we need you there to help keep our tradition going!  Come join us in the heart and soul of the City where there’s never a shortage of things to do from live music, culture and the arts to food and shopping.




See you in Alabama,
Ricks   Family   Reunion   Planning   Committee